Streamlining Agency Community Management
With Zoom.

Community management can be a time-consuming challenge.
See how this agency found a solution with Falcon.

Delivering perfect service to thousands of customers is near-impossible for agencies, but Zoom comes pretty close. Here's how they used Falcon to:

  • Quickly reply to messages across dozens of social channels
  • Complete community management tasks in 33% less time
  • Offer in-depth insights and strategy advice to clients

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Zoom, a Barcelona-based digital agency known for their excellent social media management services and eye-catching ad campaigns, aims to deliver perfect service to clients and their customers. That means fast, helpful responses to users on social media and no missed notifications. In their search for the best agency social media management tool, they found Falcon.

As their social media manager Beatriz Marin said, “Through complex research of all social media platforms, we discovered Falcon and the complete features impressed us, from planning to monitoring as well as analytics.”

Using Falcon as their agency social media tool, Zoom’s community managers streamlined their workflows to give quality responses to users in 33% less time, enabling them to help with reporting, content creation and social media strategy for their clients. In this case study, we’ll dig into exactly how they did it.

For more insights on how Falcon helps agencies publish content and report key metrics, check out our other case study with award-winning social media agency Cubaka. And for detailed info on how agencies use our platform, see the Falcon for Agencies page.