One Agency’s Time-Saving Approach to Social Media Management.

In today’s time-constrained environment, it’s difficult to overstate agencies' need for proper social media management software. Learn how Cubaka uses Falcon to:

  • Quickly schedule content across multiple clients’ social channels
  • Collect actionable insights from their client’s online communities
  • Easily pull relevant stats and detailed reports for clients

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When Cubaka, an award-winning social media agency based in London, U.K., was looking for a social media management tool, it needed a solution that would help the team “save on time and make the whole process run smoother”, according to Laurence Hebberd, Community Manager at Cubaka. So Laurence and his team began their search for a social media management tool that would simplify the entire process for them - and their clients.

In this case study, you’ll discover how Cubaka overcame several common social media marketing challenges and simplified their social media operations using Falcon.