How Baume & Mercier Do Customer Engagement Like Clockwork.

Baume & Mercier uses social media as the only way to speak directly to their customers.
  • How to use social as the main channel for customer communication
  • How to use Falcon to enable community management
  • How to use social listening to carry out pro-active customer support

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Luxury watchmaking Swiss brand Baume & Mercier, part of the Richemont Group, positions itself as an “entry luxury” watch brand. A Baume & Mercier watch has a price positioning that enables a younger target to afford it, and is therefore targeted at a younger demographic. For Fabienne Glardon, International Social Media Manager, this means that her digital and social media strategies are front and center for the brand. They also target young professionals and upcoming entrepreneurs who are into new technologies and use social media as their communication channel of choice. They have a clear justification for using social as a primary element of their marketing mix, and a commitment from senior management to do so.

One of their biggest obstacles is that Baume & Mercier is working with a worldwide wholesale network, and do not have their own boutiques. The retailers are independent, and so have no responsibility to pass on insights to Baume & Mercier HQ, which presents a challenge: how to talk to customers. Not having dedicated brick and mortar stores means that Baume & Mercier has limited ways of obtaining direct feedback from customers to inform their product or marketing strategies. As a luxury brand that depends on customer loyalty and advocacy, that was a challenge.

Fortunately, Fabienne and her team could turn to social media to solve this issue. They have therefore invested in developing lots of communities across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. On the whole, their global branded channels are the focus for Fabienne, however, she is also tasked with supporting some local accounts used to promote regional events. For that, and to gain visibility across all customer interactions on social, she needed a tool.

“A tool like Falcon allows us to have all our platforms on one page, which makes community management a lot easier. We have single global channels right now, but in the future we might have local channels and having Falcon would allow us to scale”, says Fabienne.