Building a Social Dashboard With Carlsberg.

Learn how Carlsberg managed a strategic change in their social media processes.
  • Roll-out to 49 countries
  • Managing 100+ social channels
  • Consolidated 90+ Facebook pages

Read how Carlsberg consolidated more than 90 Facebook pages into one global page, and how it fuelled a philosophy change inside their marketing department.

Merging multiple social channels created a need for governance and internal policies to facilitate consistency in their communication. As a result, a three-folded strategy with emphasis on governance, content, and collaboration was developed.

To reinforce their work with social media, Carlsberg and went on to develop a social media dashboard, displaying relevant KPIs such as community (fans and followers), engagement (post reach & quality) and mentions (people talking about Carlsberg). Today, the dashboard is displayed on a monitor inside the Carlsberg headquarters in Copenhagen.

As Martin Majlund, Group Marketing Technologist at Carlsberg, notes; the dashboard make the KPIs “(...) much more relevant to everyone who works there. Even a few senior executives admitted to visiting the marketing team to find out why engagement levels dipped.”

The project resulted in a rollout of Falcon to 49 countries with more than 350 activated users and over 100 social channels.

Read how Carlsberg managed the process - download the case study now.