How the German Football Association Became One of the Most Influential Social Media Voices.

Falcon and 80,000 screaming stadium fans kept a social
media team focused on the same goooooooal.

The German Football Association (DFB) used Falcon to automate as much as possible so they could spend more of their time on value-generating activities. This included:

  • Managing workflow and collaboration under secure permissions
  • Maintaining a central calendar full of engaging content
  • Applying data-based insights to maximize social media returns

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The German Football Association (DFB) is the governing body of football in Germany. It has a global following, making it vital that its digital reach reflects this success. Since entering the digital age it has poured resources into its social and video production teams.

The social team keeps busy year-round. An average month on social easily adds up to 500 posts across 50 channels in seven different languages throughout their football league system. Therefore, the DFB’s social team needed a tool that could handle rapid growth and drive the full lifecycle of a piece of content from one calendar.

Brands could learn from the way football teams operate, tailoring their content for the medium they're operating in and being aware of the different audiences of their primary social channels.