Creating a Social Media Strategy With FEIN.

Learn how the power tool manufacturer worked with on their social media strategy.
  • How an ‘unglamorous’ brand approaches social
  • Developing a long-term social strategy
  • Executing a localized content strategy for social profiles

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FEIN is a German world-leading power tool manufacturer, trading for almost 150 years and still manufacturing in Germany today.

They sell B2B to dealers so operate in the B2B to B2C space. Their primary markets are in Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, USA, and Asia and they have over 30 vibrant social channels, packed full of customers seeking power tool advice and wholeheartedly endorsing the brand.

Sven Golob is their Social Media Specialist, the one responsible for managing Fein’s social profiles spread across the world. Sven came on board with in January 2013, and late last year he worked with our Customer Strategy Team on developing a Social Media Strategy.

FEIN has been doing social really well. Sven has identified their reasons for being on social, which include delivering:
- an after-sales, community service channel
- a 360 degree brand experience
- their loyal customers with official channels in which to endorse FEIN’s products

Sven wanted to take social even further and for that he needed Falcon’s help.

He has been using Falcon since early 2014. His decision to partner with Falcon was originally related to the usability of the platform, and the fact that it’s ‘all in one’ in terms of providing all the elements of a social media management tool. Sven was already using Falcon to manage social for FEIN, but he wanted to take things further, fine tune social media efforts and plan for the future in the ever changing social media landscape.

Sven has local teams in the different markets in which FEIN operate, but he was missing some internal capacity in terms of strategic social media support. He briefed Falcon’s strategy team to review FEIN’s existing activities, and identify core recommendations on how to approach customers and prospects on social media over the next few years.

Upon receiving Sven’s brief, Helle and Maija in the Customer Strategy team undertook a complex process analysing user data, their social audiences, their competitors, and an assessment of FEIN’s digital touchpoints. They used this information to create a target persona for FEIN, and defined their internal and external reasons for their social media presence.

The results of the strategy were then presented to Sven on a visit to our office in Copenhagen. The strategy included tangible recommendations for Sven and his teams over a three year period, looking at their competition, a SWOT analysis, their existing social media audiences and target customer personas, consolidation of their social presences, optimisation for mobile, conversion journey and content.

“I was so impressed with their research and recommendations. There was so much detail in there but they managed to distill a ton of research and conversations into a very digestible product. I was stunned - it was perfect”