Case Study

How Gorillas Uses Falcon to Maximize Productivity and Team Collaboration.

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Gorillas is a new grocery delivery app that’s striving to change traditional consumer shopping habits. After a Series C investment round of nearly $1B, Gorillas has achieved ‘unicorn status’ as Germany’s fastest-growing startup of all time. With social media playing an integral role across multiple facets of the brand’s marketing and business operations, Gorillas’ Social & Content Manager has been equipped with Falcon since day one — and the platform has been an indispensable asset to the Gorillas team as they continue to expand.

With the help of Falcon, Gorillas has managed to:

  • - Fully streamline and consolidate all social media activities within a single, intuitive platform.
  • - Work more simply and efficiently now that all of Gorillas’ DMs have been integrated into a centralized inbox.
  • - Overcome the logistical challenges of working in different time zones.