Social Content Strategy with Greenpeace.

Exploring why a defined social content strategy is so crucial for Greenpeace.
  • Social content strategy
  • Developing connections
  • Enabling engagement

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Find out how Michael Hedelain, Digital Marketing Manager for Greenpeace Nordic, uses social media for the organization, and why a defined social content strategy is so crucial for them. With 31 million social subscribers, over 18 thousand volunteers and operating across 40 countries, Greenpeace is driving a people-powered movement. As for many nonprofit organizations, social media has become a significant element of their campaign work. It enables them to empower an active supporter base to share on their behalf, to extend the reach of their campaigns at relatively low cost, and enables them to accurately measure results. In Michael’s words: “If we’re going to fuel the climate change movement, we need to reach a lot of people. Social media is a gateway – if we can grow followers, engage them in discussion, we can encourage them to take action both online and offline”.

However, social media presents its own challenges for Greenpeace. We look at their particular needs, and how they work to resolve them through defining their social content strategy. Michael and his team found that solution-focussed messaging was an incredibly important element of that strategy, as well as the development of emotional connections with their fans and enabling grassroots engagement through social media. Download the case study to find out more.