Social Media Goals With History Channel.

Learn how the TV network uses social media to fulfill high level company goals.
  • A content strategy that keeps history relevant for audiences
  • Collaboration on social media management
  • Linking social and business goals

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The History Channel have a clear focus, which is making history relevant for their audiences, and a strongly defined target market including Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean, and of course all the Spanish speaking countries in Latin America. Their TV series and mini series are aired in millions of homes, and they know their audience and social communities very well. They are mostly male (75%) and skewed to the younger edge of the age spectrum – 50% of them are aged 18-35 years.

The History Channel’s social teams face a number of challenges when it comes to creating content that is engaging and ‘on-brand’. Their teams are spread across three countries, which means that their social tone of voice needs to be well documented and closely adhered to in two languages, in order for content to stay on-brand.

The History Channel exists to reflect on past events, so the very concept of keeping content relevant is a huge challenge. The quantity and frequency of series aired on The History Channel is overwhelming for a small social team, if they are to reflect all aspects of the channel’s programming.

Furthermore, their social media objectives are very closely aligned with business goals. They want to encourage engagement around the subjects covered in their series and in particular their ‘tent poles’. They also need to drive their social fans to the History website. Find out how they approach these challenges in the case study.