Khan Academy Increased their Social Output Fivefold with Falcon

"...we couldn’t have pulled it off without Falcon."

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When schools worldwide closed for long periods, the team at Khan Academy had a significant challenge on their hands. The brand had such an unprecedented number of mentions on social, that manually tracking trending topics was impossible. The team needed a consistent way to view popular industry hashtags and keywords and to find out what was important for their customers, even when not tagged directly.

“When schools closed because of COVID-19, we quintupled our social output on 5-6 channels. It was hard work with multiple moving parts, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without Falcon.”
— Stephanie Yamkovenko, Senior Manager of Social Media Marketing at Khan Academy.

What you get to read about:

  • – How monitoring really does make a difference when coining a winning SoMe strategy.
  • – What you can gain from listening to your community online.
  • – How to create data-driven content campaigns.
  • – Discovering hot topics before anyone else (so you can react in a timely manner and communicate with your target audience).