Case Study

How Low-Fi Concerts Used Falcon Essentials to Grow with Social.

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Low-Fi Concerts connects musicians with private hosts, and they organize concerts together and build a community of music lovers in Denmark and Sweden. The marketers at Low-Fi Concerts knew that social media marketing was the best way to spread awareness and bring in new audiences for their events.

The team also realized that executing a strategy without a social media management tool would be difficult and time-consuming. Still, as a small entity, they couldn’t afford an expensive platform. In Falcon Essentials, they’ve found the perfect solution at a reasonable price.

With the help of Falcon, the team at
Low-Fi Concerts managed to:

-        Optimize their efforts around creating and posting content on social media.

-        Improve their community management via using Falcon’s social inbox.

-       Get valuable insights from Falcon’s pre-built reports and tracked efficiently their KPIs.