Case Study

Why Falcon Has Become an Essential Cornerstone of Museums Victoria’s Digital Marketing Framework.

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Museums Victoria, Australia’s largest public museum organization, boasts a rich, dynamic history spanning over 160 years. Although it’s a governmental entity, from a marketing standpoint, Museums Victoria is tasked with the same imperative as any modern company: the need to cultivate a strong digital presence in order to reach and connect with its target audience.

With the help of Falcon, Museums Victoria now can:

  • - Consolidate all their social media management tasks within a unified command center.
  • - View reports on their social performance, identify optimization opportunities, and truly understand how social is impacting the organization.
  • - Drive substantial, measurable growth. For instance, the team saw a 78% increase in reach on Instagram in 2020 and over 200,000 link clicks (a 27% increase from 2019).