Community Management With STABILO.

Learn how the global brand uses Falcon to manage their social communities.
  • Engaging communities
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • 100% response rate

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STABILO is a leading pen manufacturer operating internationally with products available in more than 180 countries. They have social communities of almost 1 million worldwide, and over 132K in Germany. Their large communities are also fiercely loyal, and more than willing to share in the name of STABILO, and the amount of user generated content online within their communities is proof of that fact.


This engagement comes at a cost to STABILO’s marketing department as their social communities demand high levels of care and attention. Their fans have a lot of time to dedicate to STABILO, but of course the communication must be two-way, and this is where the brand’s friendly, welcoming reputation is potentially threatened. A missed comment, or a piece of product feedback addressed too late, is simply not acceptable.


Tobias  was in the market for a social media management tool back in April 2014, because the STABILO communities had recently exploded with fans and community management was becoming an increasingly difficult task. He wanted one place where he could engage with fans, and listen in on buzz around the brand.

Tobias chose Falcon to help his team deliver effective community management. No comment is missed because the tool highlights new messages in a clear way within the platform, even if a fan is commenting on a post from 2013. STABILO’s team is able to respond instantly to fans’ product feedback, purchasing issues, etc.


Using the Falcon platform in the German office, STABILO have been able to achieve a 100% response rate whilst managing their online communities. They have also been successful in making their communities happy.