Creating a Social Media Strategy.

How Sweetwater uses listening to create 1:1 relationships with customers.
  • How to use sentiment in your listening strategy
  • How to use Falcon to create 1:1 relationships with customers
  • How to integrate social media, sales, and customer service

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Sweetwater Sound is the world’s leading music technology and instrument retailer. The company has created a campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana, complete with a huge warehouse of instruments, a guitar gallery, a music academy, a recording studio, a diner, a coffee bar, a theater, and a giant metal slide that runs through the atrium. In short—absolute heaven for music lovers.

And the team at Sweetwater is downright dedicated to passing on that joyful spirit to every potential customer it comes across. In fact, Sweetwater is famous for including a bag of candy in every order that ships from its warehouse.

The social team, led by Steve Dwyer, is extremely proud to optimize Sweetwater’s renowned customer service through the power of social media.

Every customer of Sweetwater’s is paired with one sales rep—for life. The retailer employs 300 Sales Engineers to help customers select the right gear and product models. The Sales Engineer is assigned to a customer in Sweetwater’s database and is always the point-person throughout that customer’s relationship.

Since Steve joined Sweetwater in September 2014 and contacted, he has worked to scale this unparalleled customer service with the newest possibilities to do so online. Equipped with the power of social media listening, Sweetwater has a digital way to invite online fans–who might otherwise be anonymous–into personal relationships with its team of Sales Engineers.

"Sweetwater uses Falcon to carry these one-on-one relationships over to social media, identifying the specific customers that come through the online space to an overall database," says Steve.

With a pro-active listening strategy in place, Steve is able to keep a bird’s-eye view on the Sweetwater brand and the industry, and jump in to meet every potential customer’s needs. Properly set up, the company can fully take advantage of the glory days of customer experience management.