Charting Social Success with TUI Nordic.

How TUI Nordics deliver seamless customer service to over 832k followers.
  • Use a unified platform to integrate social with customer service
  • Manage staggering numbers of customer queries
  • Support customers in crisis situations

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In the travel industry, social media is more than just a marketing channel, it’s a way to support your customers when they’re in stressful situations, far away from home. With 832,000 followers across 8 social channels, how does TUI Nordics manage the constant stream of customer queries flooding in around the clock? We talk customer service and crisis management with Anni Aarni, social media specialist at TUI Nordics.


As a subset of TUI Group, TUI Nordic have grown to become the largest travel group in the Nordic market, running well-known brands like Star Tour in Norway and Denmark, Fritidressor in Sweden and WonderCruises throughout all four nordic countries. TUI Nordic’s branch has secured 20 per cent of the Nordic market share, serving over 1,557 000 customers across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Anni has been with the company for nine years, and has witnessed first hand how social media has transformed the travel industry. She has helped take the company's social strategy from posting content and responses natively, to the 24-hour customer service machine that it is today.

When unexpected incidents occur in one of TUI Nordics’ worldwide destinations, the customer service team must be armed and ready to put stressed customers at ease. This isn’t always easy, especially when things happen outside of work hours. Anni and her team have pioneered an integrated social media engine that can handle floods of comments, questions and concerns at the drop of a hat.

“Falcon has been integral to the scaling of our social media machine.” says Anni. Find out how TUI Nordics accomplished this scaling effort without dropping the ball on their excellent customer service.