Case Study

How University of Connecticut Optimized Their Social Media Efforts and Went Viral with Falcon.

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The University of Connecticut (UConn) is one of the top-ranked public schools in the US. They have a vibrant campus culture and bright, fun, and engaged students, faculty, staff, and alumni—and their social media presence reflects that.

Falcon empowered UConn by providing them with a centralized platform that helped with the organizational challenges they were facing around social media.

“Handling social with several clunky, disparate tools was a nightmare. Now that we have Falcon, we have so much more time in the day to focus on creating great content instead of toggling between social tools.”

--Emily Zangari, Director of Digital Content and Strategy

With the help of Falcon, the UConn team has:

- Improved the collaboration across departments.
- Drive engagement among students and alumni.
- Create a viral campaign on social media.