Falcon.io Presents: #customerlove

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Why Falcon?

Six Falcon clients talk social strategy, the pros and cons of different SoMe tools, and why Falcon is the best platform for them.

Why Customer Experience is Vital to Goodyear

Looking for a new social media tool? Digital marketing expert Samir Militao discusses why Falcon is the best tool for Goodyear
Samir Militao

Community Management Strategy with Toyota

“We’re a challenging client--if Falcon works for us, it will work for the majority of brands.” -- Matt Searle, Toyota/Lexus GB
Matt Searle
Toyota GB

Slashing Costs with Stabilo

Looking for a social tool that fits your budget? Find out how Falcon can help you save long-term.
Frank Hanauer

Growing Positive Communities with Skullcandy

Digital marketing expert and Falcon client McKenna Taylor discusses how she uses Falcon to streamline community management
McKenna Taylor

Crafting Global to Local Campaigns with Shimano

Watch this video to learn how to align strategies with multiple offices, why localized content is the best content, and how the right social media tool can help your team scale.
Roukebert De Boer

Content Strategy with HarperCollins

Find out how to find strong content inspiration in unlikely places with social listening
Jerri Helms
HarperCollins Publishers