Facebook celebrates the tech innovators

Facebook’s Spotlight recognizes the most innovative achievements in marketing technology and services. Falcon.io’s platform is taking home an award in the Personalized Marketing at Scale category.

With 40+ tech pioneers from around the world entering, we’re absolutely buzzing to be included among the winners.

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Personalized Marketing at Scale

This category awards technologies that allow brands to connect with entire customer bases at a one-to-one level.

With Falcon, this is possible thanks to Audience, our platform’s new customer system of record.

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The complete customer view

Audience records customer interactions from across social media, including outside owned channels, and compiles them in profile cards enriched with other data such as CRM. It’s a complete, evergreen customer view enabling fully personalized communication wherever brand and customer meet.


Engage one-to-one, globally

Audience also lets brands build custom segments based on the specific topics, behaviors or labels associated with each profile.

Marketers can harness the trends within these segments to deliver the ultimate customer experience at scale.

  • 32%
    in fan numbers
  • 128K
    customer profiles



Proven in action

See how international retailer Flying Tiger Copenhagen has used Falcon to centralize 128.5K customer profiles, turn in-store visits into ongoing digital relationships, and boost its social fan base by 32%.

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