The Prepared Marketer's Guide for 2017.

Has your social strategy caught up with the times? Here are four assets to ensure your team makes 2017 your best year yet, all in one package.

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Step 1. Take Stock

Social Media Audit Checklist

A social media audit gives you a snapshot of what worked and what didn’t. Once you know what the numbers say, you’re ready to adjust and improve. An audit answers these questions:

  • How are we performing?
  • Are we in line with the strategic goals?
  • How do we compare to our competitors?

Step 2. Establish Business Goals

Social Media ROI Handbook

Many still say it’s impossible to attribute clear business results to social media, but you can if you set KPIs and metrics from the beginning. This handbook covers how to do it including:

  • Strategies for effective social media ROI measurement
  • How to adapt measurement based on your social strategy
  • Tools to optimize the ROI of your social marketing

Step 3. Map Your Content to Your Audience

Content Strategy Handbook

Who are you talking to? Where can you reach them, and how can you do it in the most time and cost-efficient way? This handbook addresses these challenges, including how to:

  • Find the right content ideas
  • Create editorial calendars that make sense
  • Track and improve performance

Step 4. Embrace the Latest Opportunities

15 Social and Digital Trends for 2017

You’ve seen your newsfeed – our industry and its possibilities change, evolve and are turned upside down each day. 2017 will be no different.

  • See what trends will define 2017
  • Get creative with the latest technology
  • Be a first-moving digital-first brand

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Is everything in place to smash those targets and win those customers? Get our 4-in-guide to ensure a stellar 2017 for your social media strategy.

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