Falcon.io Welcomes Unmetric.

We couldn't be more excited! Unmetric gives Falcon customers an all-new level of competitive benchmarking possibilities.

The social benchmarking choice for brands worldwide


7 years of data from 100K+ brands at your fingertips

Now a part of Falcon.io, Unmetric is a world-leading social media benchmarking platform that lets companies deep-dive into the social activity of 100K brands. You can analyze, discover and track the content that sets the standard on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. Just imagine the campaigns you can create with that kind of insights!

Read on to see just what Unmetric can do!

Analyze – for social media analysts

Benchmark your competitors and top brands, including campaign tracking and performance, promoted post-detection and estimated brand reach and impressions.

Discover – for content strategists

Delve into the activity and performance data of 100,000 brands dating back seven years. You also have an events calendar to plan against, and team curation and collaboration features.

Track – for marketing teams

Stay up to date on the market with this real-time feed of your competitor and other brands’ campaigns. Top-performing content is highlighted and there’s a mobile version.

"Using Unmetric for competitive insights has enabled us to consistently outperform our competitors on social media."

Jennifer Stafford, Senior Manager, Social Media

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