#SMWONE Session II

Tuesday,  May 12 2020
11:00 - 12:00 EDT

Using Benchmarking to Inform Your Social Strategy

How well does your brand’s social media presence stack up against your competition? That’s the million dollar question these days. Social media has become an extremely competitive and often chaotic space. As a result, it can be difficult to know what constitutes “good performance” and even more difficult to understand what resonates with consumers.


Surface-level metrics can be useful, but often don’t tell the full story. However, by conducting a competitive benchmark analysis, you can get valuable insights about your category and what makes consumers tick. More importantly, it can reveal opportunities and gaps among your competitors.


In this session, Casper Vahlgren, Senior Strategist at Falcon.io, shared frameworks and practical tips for how you can conduct competitive benchmarking that will provide you with data-fueled insights around your brand’s performance, the competition and, most importantly, your consumers.


Watch this session on-demand and learn:


  • How to translate brand-level objectives into social media KPIs – and how to measure how well you stack up against the competition
  • How to determine which of your target markets and platforms you should allocate resources to based on their growth potential
  • How to find out what type of content resonates with consumers and how to apply it to a creative white space that your brand can own on social media
  • Key steps to avoid data bias in your benchmarking and analysis


  • Casper Vahlgren

    Senior Strategist