#SMWONE Session I

Wednesday,  May 6 2020
1:50 - 2:50 EDT

Small Budget Social Media Marketing. Strategies For Success

Between influencers, paid search, outsourcing design, and everything else, marketing has gotten expensive. For larger businesses, this doesn’t present a particularly difficult challenge, because they need only adjust and reallocate a few numbers to their marketing budget.


For other businesses, however, the increase in spending on marketing means it’s only getting more difficult to compete. For teams with smaller budgets or smaller, independent, and locally owned businesses, there isn’t always extra money that can be pulled from one expense and reallocated to a marketing budget. This presents both problems and opportunities. One the one hand it’s already hard to compete in the arena of unlimited businesses/budgets and online retailers. On the other, it’s a chance to get creative with your marketing strategy while learning more about how your business can connect with your audience.


In this session, Dino Kuckovic, Community Marketing Director at Falcon.io is joined by Leora Novick, Social Media Director of Chandelier Creative to share practical tips easily implemented today in driving big results.


Attend this session on-demand and learn:


  • How to leverage inexpensive marketing ideas for businesses of all sizes
  • How to monetize social media and encourage conversions
  • How to justify your social media budget YoY


  • Leora Novick

    Social Media Director
    Chandelier Creative

  • Dino Kuckovic

    Community Marketing Director