2020 Digital Marketing Trends.

The themes, formats and consumer behavior that are shaping marketing.

Kickstart the Year With the Latest Insights

In this handbook, we look into the key 15 trends that will present both challenges and opportunities for digital marketers in 2020 and beyond.

What will influence marketing in 2020? Here's a sample: 

  • 70% of people now prefer private messaging apps over phone calls.
  • 72% of consumers now only engage with personalized marketing
  • 50% + of online queries will be performed by voice search in 2020

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McKenna Taylor

Global Brand Manager, Skullcandy

“It’s really interesting that Twitch is bigger than YouTube, and a lot of people don’t notice it because they didn’t grow up with it, and they’re not used to live-streaming. All of Gen Z watch live-stream content, and they grew up in a time when everything is interactive: their phone, their iPad, their storybooks… they want TV to be interactive, and Twitch does a remarkable job at it.”

About this handbook

There is only one constant for marketers these days: everything changes. Digital technology and social media are reshaping how marketers work every day. At the same time, they have transformed the consumer-brand relationship.

Today’s connected customers literally have the world at their fingertips. If a brand fails to pique their interest or continue to earn their loyalty they can dismiss it with a click and move on. Digital channels pose marketers with their greatest challenge ever – but also opportunities for the early movers.

So, what challenges and opportunities does 2020 hold?

Some trends have been around a while. “Personalized marketing”, for example, has been a buzzword for years. But it remains a 2020 trend because so many brands still fail to embrace the personalization options available to them – and their audiences are very cognizant of this fact.

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