How to inspire Employee Advocacy.

How to develop and implement an employee advocacy program.
  • Understanding employee advocacy
  • How to create employee advocacy
  • Why employee advocacy builds trust

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Employees are the the most valuable asset of any organization.

Because of their passion for the problems they solve, the products they develop, or the customers they serve, they are your best brand ambassadors.

However, only a few organizations have programs developed to empower their workforce in sharing branded content on their social channels.

Leveraging this opportunity requires the development of an employee advocacy program, but what’s the best way to execute it? We’ll show you how in this handbook.

Employee advocacy is an effective tool to increase your reach, engagement, awareness, and trust. But there must be incentive to share, and there have to be clear processes to deliver the content.

With a structured process and strategy in place, you can drive direct business results, build trust, and reinforce your organizational culture. Learn how to highlight the benefits for your employees, identify ambassadors, prepare content, and how you can train employees to maximize results via social media.

Build up the people that care about your brand most and develop an employee advocacy program. Download our handbook to get started.