The Essential LinkedIn Guide For Marketers.

Refreshed for 2020! The guide to how B2B & B2C marketers can win on LinkedIn.

In this guide you’ll see how to:

  • Showcase your brand on LinkedIn
  • Find and start a dialog with new customers
  • Employ the latest features and updates
  • Generate new business in both the B2B and B2C spaces

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With 300M+ active monthly users, LinkedIn has skyrocketed in terms of audience, influence, and functionality. What was once perceived as merely a networking channel is now a favorite for marketers. LinkedIn has even shed its label as a purely B2B platform.

So, what can your brand do with LinkedIn’s wealth of targeting, engaging, content-sharing and analytics features? We break down the essentials in our newly refreshed LinkedIn Guide. From how to work with the algorithm to sponsored content formats, the guide is packed with advice about how to get ahead on the “professionals” network heading into 2020.