Creating a Social Media Content Strategy

Create a social content strategy that will reach your business goals.
  • Find the right content ideas
  • Editorial calendars that make sense
  • Track performance and improve

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Do you want to develop a strategy that drives engagement and build your brand on social media? This ebook enables you to develop a strategy that accounts for the full cycle of content creation - from idea and planning, to strategy and performance measurement.

We analyze successful content from social media and inspire you to generate new content ideas that will resonate with your audience. By defining a purpose, you can align your content with your social media strategy and business goals. As your strategy is developed, we focus on the tone of voice & visuals as it creates consistency in the way you communicate.

When the proponents of your content strategy has been defined, we focus on how you can create an editorial calendar and activity plan to ensure that your content is posted regularly. This ensures that the engagement between content and audience is constantly maintained and improved.

Once your social content strategy is developed, we highlight the metrics and tools you need to monitor to revise and advance your strategy.

Get the book now and start developing your social content strategy.