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Introduction to Advertise.

Get a comprehensive walkthrough of's Advertise product.

Advertising on social media is how brands can guarantee that their content will reach the right audience based on demographics, location, behavior, and interests. In addition, by adding a budget behind the content, brands can measure instead of guessing how their content performs. Even small budgets will give brands access to a vast number of additional metrics allowing them not only to see how many people engaged with their campaign but also how they performed against their true business objectives.

Falcon's Advertise product supercharges your paid strategy by enabling seamless collaboration across teams and markets while saving everyone time with our unique automation features. Plus, our real-time insights provide you with the ability to slide and dice over 100 paid metrics across placements, audiences, and objectives.



First, you must have an Advertiser or an Analyst role in order to access the Advertise product. The roles are assigned within Settings. If you don't have any Ad Accounts connected, or an Ad Account has been disconnected, an Administrator or a Team Lead can connect them and assign user roles. Please refer to the following article on how to connect Ad Accounts and assign the appropriate user roles per account. 



Once you are in Advertise, make sure you choose the correct Ad Account you would like to work on by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner. 

In the Overview section, you can change the main view to show you detailed insights into your Campaigns, Ad sets or Ads.

  • Campaigns contain one or more ad sets and ads. In this view, you can see the performance of your campaigns based on metrics which are unique to campaigns, e.g. conversions (increasing conversions on your website). 
  • Ad sets contain one or more ads. In this view, you can see their performance based on metrics which are unique to ad sets, e.g. targeting, budget, schedule.
  • Ads are your ads creative, which may include things like images, videos, text, and a call-to-action button. 


Pro tip: If you have any ad blocker apps installed in your browser, the Advertise product will not work properly for you.