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How to create an Audience.

Dive deeper to really understand your customer.

Audience gives you the possibility to create segments based on the filters you determine, helping you to truly get an insight into your customer.


create audience




1. Click the search bar at the top. From here you can start searching for and creating audiences by filtering on specific criteria.

2. You can also create audiences from the People tab.You will now see the profile finder. The filters are categorized into Personal, Social, Contact or Location data.

3. Expand the filter options by clicking on the category and define your filters.

4. The search and filter results allow you to explore the customer group.

5. Save this group of customers as a segment by clicking Save on the right hand side of the search bar.  In the popup window, name your Audience and select Create Audience.


You can find all your audiences by clicking on the Audience tab.


Hot tip: You can create audiences faster by typing the categories within the search bar instead of selecting them one-by-one.