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How to merge profiles in Audience.

People have multiple profiles. Merge them to stay up to date.


The Merge section in Audience enables you to consolidate your customer journey by providing you with a list of suggested profiles to be merged. This helps you to better map the customer journey, by matching up a single persona view that accounts for the multitude of interactions on your social channels or discovered via Listen, and in the future, Build.

merge profiles



1. On the Merge tab within Audience, select the profile you want to merge.

2. The right column will show you the details of the profile selected: full name, network, genre, last activity, first activity and provide a list of potential matching profile.

3. Select the suggested profile you want to add to the main profile card. If you want to make sure that you merge the right profiles, you can click on the individual profile to review the data.

4. Click on Merge to finalize your choice.


Once the merge is complete, you will have the possibility to Continue merging or View Profile.

Hot Tip:  You can also merge a profile from the People section.