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Can an app be geo-targeted?

Learn ways to ensure your target audience sees an app.


If you are looking to tailor an app's content to a specific country, the geo targeting options within Build are the answer.

Here's an example of geo targeting a Content app to Facebook fans in Denmark: 



Note, only Content apps, Welcome apps, About Us apps, Policy apps, FAQ apps and Geo Content apps can have geo targeting enabled. The geo targeting works in the same way as geo targeting content.



While it is not possible to geo-target all apps created in Build, there are several alternative options to discourage selected users from participating in a competition.

For example, you may want to exclude users who are based in Canada for a US-only Sweepstakes competition.

1. Geo-target the posts that promotes your application.

Many fans/users do not click directly on the tab itself, but hear about it via a story that appears in their newsfeed. To geo-target your post, use the geo-targeting options that are available in Publish.

2. Edit your Custom Terms.

It is important to stipulate in your application's Terms & Conditions that you reserve the right to remove user submissions if the restriction has been breached.

As it is not technically possible to block users to access all of your applications, it is vital to explain the conditions you want to apply to your app and how are you going to ensure they are being enacted.

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