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Common setup errors.

Mistakes can happen. Learn how best to get around errors in Build.


The objective of this article is to shed light on the most common setup errors that can occur in the App Builder. Some of these setup errors may result in disabled features on your applications, so please take a look.


It can happen that overlapping content elements, for example text boxes, disable the opt-in newsletter, Privacy Policy (PP) or Custom Terms (CT) check-in boxes. This can be especially critical if you have also enabled the 'Required' option, as not accepting required PP or CT will prevent users to participate in a quiz or a competition.

To illustrate such an overlap, lets take a look at a Sweepstakes application, where it is required of users to accept Custom Terms.

Inside the App Builder, the larger text box is on top of or overlapping the Custom Terms text box.



When the application is brought online, the check-box for the Custom Terms becomes visible. But because of the larger text box overlapping it, it is not possible to check it off and thus a user is prevented from participating in the Sweepstakes app.





To prevent this from happening, you can either simply adjust the size of the text box, move elements around or move the text box 'behind' the Custom Terms box. 





For viral applications such as the Quiz Contest, Sweepstakes and others you can enable participants to share the app on their walls after they have participated in the respective competition. This option can be found under Sharing > Viral Options.

The Viral Options example below is taken from a Quiz Contest.




The error here lies in the fact that 'enter' has been pressed after the first sentence in the description field - the next sentence starts in a new line. Such line breaks will disable the sharing option - users will be able to participate in the contest, but they won't be able to share the app as clicking on the "Share on your wall!" button generate any action from the apps' side.



Some viral applications offer you to schedule an expiry date, which can be found under the Expiration tab. Please make sure that, if you decide not to set a specific date/time for expiration, the option is not activated.



Both Custom Terms, Privacy Policy and newsletter sign-up options can be set as mandatory for users to accept if the 'Required" check-box is activated.

If the 'Required' option is activated but the actual Custom Terms, Privacy Policy or newsletter sign-up options are not, users will not be able to complete the participation process as the option to accept the terms or sign up for a newsletter won't be visible.

In this example, to start with Custom Terms have been activated, then the 'Required' box has been ticket off followed by deactivation of the actual Custom terms check-box.



Because of the Custom Terms not being visible while still required in the live app, participation is not possible.