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Content app.

How to make your brand shine with a personalized content app.


With Build's Content Apps you have the freedom to communicate anything, simply by using text and images. By adding hotspots, you can drive fans to the content that you want them to see. Or if you're at a more advanced level, you might like to use custom HTML to achieve your desired effect.


  • Drive fans to check out your other social media channels, e.g. Blog, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Share your store locator, opening hours, or best-selling products.
  • Invite fans to check out your latest campaign, promotion, or event.



  • Geo-targeting: Create multiple versions that are filtered by location and language so that you communicate to fans in their local language.
  • Analytics & Tracking: Measure your efforts with details of tab views or add your own custom tracking scripts.
  • Custom HTML:  For our more advanced designers.
  • New Content Elements: Add Like buttons; Customized Google Maps; YouTube/Vimeo Videos.