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How to Embed a Build Landing Page to a Facebook Page?

Learn How to embed a Build landing page to a Facebook page.

If you have created and published a landing page using our new version of Build, it is possible to add it as a custom tab on your Facebook page as well. Facebook provides a way to load content from your landing page using an iframe. Here’s how you can set it up yourself:




1. Make sure your Build project is published and available online. Read here how to create & publish Build projects.
2. Copy the link to the online Build project and save it for later

3. If you have a custom domain set up in Build, make sure to copy the Falcon URL instead of the custom one (i.e. as Facebook requires it to be a safe URL (i.e. https instead of http)

4. Make sure you are a registered Facebook developer (find out by going to and if you are not registered as a Facebook developer yet, make sure to do it - it will only take you a couple of clicks)

Once you have the above ready:

1. Go to and click on “Add a new app” button (once you have registered as a developer, Facebook will offer you a chance to create a new app right away, so just click on “Create App ID” to proceed)

2. Specify the desired app display name, contact email & select category “Apps For Pages”

3. Click on “Create App ID” to save your app


4. Once you land in Facebook’s App manager, click on “Settings” to open your app details (note: your app ID is displayed at the top)

5. Under your app settings, in the field called “App Domains” type “”

6. Scroll down and click on “+ Add Platform” button


7. In the pop-up, select platform type “Page Tab”

8. Find the URL to the online Build project you saved earlier and paste it into a field called “Secure Page Tab URL”

9. Enter the desired tab name under “Page Tab Name” and upload an image which will be used as a thumbnail for your tab (optional)

10. Click to save changes to your newly created app


11. To assign your app to a specific Facebook page, go to the following URL: “” (in this URL replace “YOUR_APP_ID” with the actual ID of the app you just created and replace “YOUR_URL” with the URL to your online Build project, e.g. “”)

12. Once you open this URL, click on the drop-down called “Facebook Pages” and select one or more Facebook pages you want your tab added to, click ‘Add Page Tab’ to confirm your selection.

This is it! You can now go to your Facebook page(s) and find the newly created tab, which will contain your Build project. 

Please note that at this point, the tab is only visible to the page admins.

Once you are ready to launch the tab, you need to make it visible to all users by following these steps:

1. Go back to Facebook’s App manager and click on “App Review”.

2. At the top of the page, click to make your app public and confirm.

Your tab will now be visible to the public.

If you want to edit the tab settings like display name, image or visibility, you can do it via your Facebook page settings under “Edit Page” (scroll down to see & edit all your page tabs).

If you require further assistance, please reach out to us in-app or via [email protected]