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Image Voting app.

Drive fan engagement with our Image Voting Gallery app.


Drive fan engagement on your Facebook Page and go viral with Build's Image Voting Gallery application. 

Upload your own images and allow your community of fans to vote on their favorite. It could be a new brand identity, the best fashion from an event or to get some insight from consumers on their favourite piece from a new collection - the possibilities are as far reaching as your imagination. 

If this is your first application in Falcon Social, be sure to read our Introduction to Build



This is the landing page for your application and will showcase all photos you upload.

  • Filters: Photos in the gallery can be sorted by either the most recent (latest content) or by the most popular (by number of votes).
  • Buttons: These filter labels can be styled and re-named as you wish.
  • Grid (photo gallery): The photos will by default be placed in the grid area which is fixed. You can edit the border around images using the Image Background Color picker. You can also style the text reflecting name of the image.



Under the General tab, select the Admin option to be taken to the upload screen. From here, select 'Upload images'. Pick your image using one of the various drive options. When the image is uploaded, you will be able to edit its Title, Description and Sort order, so feel free to customize your images.



Q: Can I move the grid/gallery? 

It is not possible to change the grid/gallery. You should create your background with a height of 1600 pixels. The application will display 15 images per page.

Q: How can I choose a winner? 

In the Admin panel (available from the General tab), you can select your winning photo based on the number of votes it has received.

Q: What is the maximum file size for uploaded photos? 

Maximum file size for photos uploaded is 10MB. 

Q: Where does the description under the photo come from? 

The description for the photo can be edited within the Admin panel. 

Note - DO NOT press Enter between sentences or words in the Description box, as doing so will disable the sharing option.