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Display Instagram photos on Facebook.

How to showcase your Instagram photos as a Facebook application.


The Instagram app within Falcon's Build product is a great way to showcase Instagram photos on your Facebook page. In a simple five-step process you can integrate Instagram and Facebook either by sharing your own photos or by a hashtag feed.

If this is your first time creating an application in Falcon, be sure to read our Introduction to Build article.



Under the General Tab you can customize you app as you wish. Areas include:

  • Height. Make sure your height matches your content.
  • Apply a custom logo to draw attention to the tab on Facebook.
  • Name your app. Keep it short.
  • Upload a background by using either color scale or template.
  • Choose your Instagram settings. You can either choose to display pictures from your own Instagram profile or to create a listening query, which will pull in images that have been tagged with the specified query word. Note, you do not need to include a # symbol; we'll pick up the keyword in hash-tags, too. 
  • Choose to show photos by Newest or Most Liked.
  • Choose how many pictures should be displayed. 


Advanced Features

  • Content. Under the Content tab you can add elements such as a link to your Instagram app to gain more followers. Simply paste the Link Hotspot over an image, e.g. your company logo, to make it clickable.
  • Analytics & Tracking. Under the Analytics & Tracking tab, you can see the number of views and the number of shares.