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Introduction to Build.

How to make Facebook applications within Falcon.


With Falcon's Build product, we've handed the power of creating Facebook Applications over to you - so you can take control of building, launching, and measuring the impact of your applications.




To get set up, we advise that you have the visuals you would like to include saved and ready to upload to Build before you start. You’ll want to think about the following before you begin your creation:

  • A background visual (810 pixels wide, and can be of any height). Maximum file size 10mb.
  • Your logo.
  • Your key message.
  • Any feature visuals you’d like to include.
  • A cover image for your app ( must be 111 x 74 pixels in size).





Under the General tab you can:

  • Edit a Custom Logo i.e. the photo on the Facebook tab itself. The dimensions of your image should be set to 111x74 pixels.
  • Name your app. We recommend a maximum of 3 words (1 or 2 is ideal) - any more than this will not be visible on Facebook.
  • Use the Copy App Link to get a mobile-ready URL to your application. The link will become active once you put the application online.
  • The Preview Link option will show how your application will look once placed online.
  • Use the Copy App feature to copy an existing application to another Facebook page within your organization.
  • Change the height of your app to match your content.
  • Place your app Online by checking the Online checkbox when you have finished creating your application.





Start telling your own story by adding your logo, message, and other key visuals that will engage your fans. Use link hotspots, to drive your fans to other content you'd like them to see - your website, or latest campaign site.

Under the Input tab you can:

  • Upload your own Background using our PSD template (max size is 10MB).
  • Add text elements.
  • Add link hotspots to logos.
  • Display your company address with a Google Map.
  • Add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your app.
  • Add Like buttons to grow your Facebook fan base.
  • Enter your own HTML (advanced users only).


Here, you add text, image and other elements to make the application your own. 




Certain applications have a viral component built in Falcon Social itself. Use your fans to grow your Facebook base even more by tapping into the effectiveness of sharing options.

Under the Sharing tab in addition to adding Content Elements you can:

  • Determine if fans should Share a Wallpost after completing your app.
  • Provide Descriptions  for wall posts.
  • Direct fans to your website with a Link Hotspot.





Under Analytics & Tracking you can:

  • Collect Tab Views.
  • Grab the total number of contestants for Contest apps.
  • Paste tracking scripts to services such as Google Analytics.
  • Draw a winner.
  • Reset the winner.
  • Download contestant information as a CSV file.



If you need any assistance with Build, please get in touch via [email protected]