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Lead Generation app.

How to capture leads with a Lead Generation app.


Capture leads to build your sales funnel with our Lead Generation Application. Choose the details that you want to capture and export the data as a CSV file straight from Build. You can also use text, images, and hotspots (links) to create your own design.

If this is your first time creating an app in Falcon Social, be sure to read through our Introduction to Build



  1. Start by entering the Input fields - here is where you determine what info you'd like from fans.
  2. Use the Drag and Drop Editor to customize the rest of the app by using the various setup options available. Get creative, we dare you.
  3. Once you have Saved your changes and brought your application Online, your fans will be able to access the app and reach out to you.

Advanced Features include:

  • Analytics & Tracking: Measure your efforts with details of tab views or add your own custom tracking scripts.
  • Custom HTML: For our more advanced designers.
  • Data capture: Download the list of subscribers as a CSV file.
  • Capture newsletter opt-ins.
  • Content Elements: Add 'like' buttons; Customized Google Maps; YouTube/Vimeo Videos.



Hot tip: You can make your application available on mobile devices using the Copy App Link feature.