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Policy app.

How to communicate your Facebook house rules - with a Policy app.


You may have your own internal 'rules of engagement' for your team when it comes to social media. However, it is very important to consider an external policy - to set the ground rules for what is considered appropriate and inappropriate content. A Policy App created within Build allows you to explain to fans of your Facebook page how you will handle offensive and inappropriate posts.

Build lets you do this in style. The house rules of your page don't have to be boring. Create something a little colorful using our Policy Application.

Communicate your policy using text, images, and hotspots (links), making sure that visitors to your Facebook page understand where your organization stands when it comes to moderating activity.



  • Analytics & Tracking - Measure your efforts with details of tab views or add your own custom tracking scripts
  • Custom HTML - For our more advanced designers.
  • New Content Elements - Add Like buttons; Customized Google Maps; YouTube/Vimeo Videos 


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Hot tip: You can make your application available on mobile devices using the Copy App Link feature. Learn how here.