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Quiz block.

Engage and gather more information about your customers with a Quiz.

Quizzes are a great way to engage and gather more information about your customers!

With the new quiz block, the users will be able to create landing pages that along with other already existing blocks can also contain a quiz. The quiz can have:

Multiple questions:  

-  Min 1 question, no max no. of questions

Multiple-choice answers:

-  it will be possible to choose whether a question has a single or multiple correct answers

-  it will be required to specify which answer(s) is(are) correct for each question

- Form (incl. terms & conditions checkbox) to fill out user details

- Success page (visible after submitting the answers and filling out the form)



Inside of a quiz block, the users will be able to adjust the following:


- Spacing from the top of the block

- Spacing from the bottom of the block

- Question header alignment (left, centered or right)


Background (same options as in the other blocks) :

- Image, color or video

- Different image & video options (blur, auto-enhance, overlay etc)

- Design Input spacing (small,medium, large)

- Rounded corners (yes/no)

- Theme (standard, blue, dark)

- Typeface

- Font color



Add questions, answers & specify correct answers


On the manage/data page of a project that contains a quiz, the users will be able to see all the quiz submissions incl. the following info:

- Participant info that was collected via filling out the form

- Total number of correct answers by each participant


Note: When exporting data to CSV/Excel, all data (incl. answers to each question for every user) will be exported.

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