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How to Fill out the Support Ticket.

How to submit the best support case.


You may have experienced that once you have reached out to our support team either via a ticket or the in-app chat, we often request more information and details about the issue.

It may not always be easy to know what information is needed to enable fast and efficient handling of support cases - but this guide is here to help and provides inspiration and tips for what our support team will be looking for.




  • Description: The more detailed and accurate foundation you provide, the easier it will be for our support team to verify the issue and resolve it.
  • Step-by-step: Providing a description of your actions would be perfect to use. For example, a ticket only stating "I can't publish" or "Falcon doesn't work" doesn't tell us enough.
  • Screenshots: An illustration of the issue will help support locate the issue (we have become quite happy to use Jing - a free online sharing tool).
  • Frequency: Is this the first time you have observed this issue or has it been a reoccurring one?
  • Errors: If you receive a system error message, please let us know what the message says,  or take a screenshot of it.


Guidelines for questions about Engage and Publish

Please include:

  • Channel Name: Where have you encountered the issue (please provide network type as well if your channels have identical names across various network types)?
  • Number of channels (per network): Have you observed the issue on only one specific channel or is it persistent across multiple channels, e.g. only one specific Facebook page or all of the managed Facebook pages?
  • Number of channels (per multiple networks): Have you observed the issue on only one specific network or is it persistent across multiple networks, e.g. an issue affecting both Facebook and G+ or only G+ channels?
  • Frequency: Are other users inside your organization also experiencing the same issue?
  • Post URLs: Post or comment URL (clicking on the time stamp will lead you to the posts' unique url).
  • Screenshots: If the post in question is geo-targeted, please take a screenshot, or won't be able to see the post on its native network.
  • Image Issues: In case you experience an issue with publishing a specific image, please attach it to the ticket/email.
  • Publishing Errors: If the overall issue is about posts not being published, please specify whether the issue concerns scheduled posts or posts that are being published right away after their creation.