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Add a feed in Engage.

Find exactly what you were looking with Engage.


Engage gives you the possibility to save several feeds of your incoming social messages, adjusted to your needs.

Engage will automatically show these views in the new multi-feed format. In case you want to add more feeds, simply scroll to the right until you see the Add Feed button.


add feed



1. Click Add Feed on the right hand side of Engage

2. Select basic filtering options like Networks, Channels, Message type, Marked as read by or Assigned to.

3. Expand the Advanced Filter options to exclude or define Keywords, Tags, Sentiments, Spam, Priority or Unpublished Posts. Hover over the question mark next to the Filter option to learn how it works.

4. Save your Feed for quick and easy access by giving it a relevant title and selecting Save


Messages and comments which appear in more than one feed will automatically be updated in all other feeds once they are responded to/marked as read in one feed.


Hot Tip:  That’s it, you have now created a new feed. You can move feeds around in the order you prefer. Simply drag a feed left or right by grabbing the top bar of the feed. No need to save, the new order will be auto saved.