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Bulk Actions.

Apply actions to multiple comments at once.


We've made managing high-volume channels in Engage so much easier by introducing bulk actions. Work through thousands of messages faster than ever.


Bulk Action



1. Use the check boxes on the left-hand side of each message to select multiple messages you would like to moderate.

2. Use the check mark selector with the options to select All/None/Unread/Contains Spam/ Is prioritized 

3. In the Bulk Action Menu that appears at the above your selected message stream, select the appropriate action. 

Note - If a post has more comments than have been selected, scroll down to the very bottom of the thread before Selecting All.

Available Actions

  • Mark/unmark as spam
  • Mark/unmark as priority
  • Sentiment
  • Like (for Facebook comments & replies only)
  • Like (for Tweets only)
  • Delete
  • Mark as read