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Assign to email.

Forward messages to an external email address.


Engage now allows you to forward social media conversations to emails.

This feature is located in the assign pop-up as an additional option next to assign to user/team and the option to send a Zendesk ticket.

assign email


You're able to specify the recipient, be it a superior or a technical expert, regardless of whether or not they are a Falcon user.

The email sent contains:

  • Sender's name
  • Note (if added)
  • Link to the post on the network (if available) & link to the thread in Engage
  • The entire message thread
  • Reply button, so the receiver can reply to the email (the reply will be sent to the email address of the Falcon user who forwarded the message)


Finally, when a thread has been forwarded to an email, the event will be recorded in Notes in Engage incl. the sender, recipient & note (if added).


Hot tip: You can find a record of assignments in the Notes bar at the top of Engage.