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Labeling Conversations in Engage.

Labels make categorizing and reporting on conversations easy.

Labels in Engage allow your teams to categorize conversations and provide context to those replying to messages. For example, you may have certain team members responsible for questions, while others may be responsible for collecting feedback about a campaign.

Once you have Engage Labels applied, you can then choose to have a new feed showing specifically labeled conversations or report on the Labels to spot trending topics in your social communications.



1. Within Engage, open the detail view of a conversation by clicking on a message.

2. At the top of the detail view, click the textbook marked Label this post.

3. Begin typing the name of your label.

4. Pick an existing label from the drop-down or finish typing & press enter to save a new label. 

Your label will now be applied to the conversation.

Note: Applying Labels in the Publish module is separate from labeling in the Engage module. If a post has a label applied to it in Publish, the same post will not have the label applied in Engage.