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Priority inbox.

Let's you identify important messages and take action.


Our priority inbox flags the most important messages for your attention helping you to optimize your efforts online. A message will be marked as a priority based on the level of engagement, its sentiment, related important posts, or from an influencer.

It's always possible to manually change messages to priority or non priority. This means that over time and together with our machine learning, your social inbox - Engage - adapts with you.  

priority inbox



1. Simply select the flag icon and the message will be moved to the Priority box. The flag will also appear on the thread level.


A message will be marked as priority if it meets at least one of these criteria:

  • If it has more than usual (top 20%) likes/comments/shares.
  • If it is more positive or negative than usual - based on the deviation of the sentiment score from what is normal from this specific channel.
  • If it contains words from posts that have previously been replied to/marked as important.
  • If the item is from a user that posts a lot on the site.


Hot tip: Priority can be paired with additional filters to customize your workflow.