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Using Sentiment.

Use sentiment analysis in real-time community management.


The Sentiment analysis tool within Engage helps you to manage your reputation and identify new opportunities by labelling comments as positive, negative, or neutral. Doing so helps filter out the noise so you can quickly identify and act on relevant content. You can even filter for sentiment specific messages.

We've partnered with Semantria to provide comment-level sentiment analysis in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.

A manual override is also possible to align certain expressions with the appropriate sentiment.

To manually override a sentiment score:

Simply click on the face icon and choose the appropriate sentiment - positive, neutral, or negative. 

Change Sentiment

Note - There is no sentiment score if:

  • an item contains only a few words and a URL
  • the comment only contains a number or single word
  • the language is not supported (in this case you can manually assign sentiment)


Hot tip: Pair sentiment analysis with those you consider to be of the highest priority for your brand. Learn more about Priority Inbox here.