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Zendesk integration.

Create tickets directly from Falcon.


Compared to other ways of integrating Zendesk on your social media profiles, we've built our integration specifically to reduce clutter in your helpdesk, by allowing specific posts and comments within your pages to be promoted to tickets by Community Managers, Editors et al, even across a large set of social channels that your team are managing.


Community managers have the ability to escalate any post or comment to a Zendesk support ticket, directly from the assign window, as soon as the integration has been set up. These tickets will be tagged to reflect the source within the Zendesk interface.

Assign Window with Zendesk Integration enabled:


Assign as Zendesk Ticket



All of the questions already handled and promoted to forum entries in Zendesk are available as template responses directly in the Falcon comment window.



First, please ensure that you enable token access within Zendesk's API settings.

Then, in Falcon, just add your Zendesk account subdomain (the first part of [myorg], and choose the public forum in your Zendesk account that you will source template responses from.

To raise tickets directly from Falcon, you will also need to add login credentials for a Zendesk Agent, that will be the initial requestor of the ticket in Zendesk. This Zendesk Agent account will be shared among Falcon users, so you won't need additional agent subscriptions for Falcon users, to use the integration.

Zendesk Integration