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Connecting Social Channels to Falcon.

Learn how to add your social media channels in order to manage them all from one platform.


1. Hover over your user icon in the lower left-hand corner of the platform and select Settings from the menu.

2. Click on Channels under Channel Settings

3. Click on the Add Channels button. 

4. Choose the network you would like to connect - Facebook, Google +Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Email. 

5. Authorize each of the permission requests that are asked of you. It's important to not skip any questions or you may run into publishing issues later.

6. Select the pages you would like to add to Falcon and choose Connect (X) Channels.

Hot tip: Be sure you have the log in details ready for each of your social media channels, and that you have the required Administrative rights for the pages that you want to add (example: you must be a Page Manager on your Facebook pages). 



Follow the Step-by-Step above and take the additional steps per network below.



1. Select Add for each individual page you wish to add. If you already have Facebook pages in Falcon, you can update them by selecting Update.

2. Select Continue. You'll be redirected back to Falcon.

3. To comply with the updated Facebook policy, Falcon requires you to provide us with Page Editor access to all your connected pages now. Read more about how to grant access access to your Facebook Page here.



1. Login to your company's Instagram account. If you have previously logged in to your Instagram account from a browser, make sure the correct account is being displayed. 

2. Click on the Authorize button. 

3. Select the Instagram page channel and click on the Connect (X) Channels button. 

Note: In order to publish single image directly to Instagram from Falcon it is important that you refresh the Facebook page linked to your Instagram account in Falcon. Find a step by step explanation here



1. Select Authorize App.

2. You'll be redirected back to Falcon.



1. Sign into LinkedIn and approve access for Falcon.

2. Select Continue. You'll be redirected back to Falcon.

Note, your LinkedIn page will disconnect from Falcon every 60 days. This is a requirement of LinkedIn's API. To help keep the page connected, you'll get an email reminder each time the page disconnects.



1. Select Accept when asked to authorize Falcon.

2. You'll be redirected back to Falcon.



1. Select Accept.

2. You'll be redirected back to Falcon.