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Quick guide to home | 1 minute video

What is Home?


Home is your first view when logging in to the Falcon platform. You'll get a complete picture of the latest open tasks and activities taking place across your organization so you can structure your day, handle tasks efficiently, and ensure that nothing goes unnoticed.



Once you are in, then you get the overview - each section is clearly showing you the latest stats:

Tasks: Prioritize your work

  • See open and urgent tasks that specifically require your attention. Under Tasks you can see e.g. assigned messages, content to approve, disconnected channels.
  • Identify a backlog on one particular channel with a live stream of Unread Messages, broken down by channel.


Team: Collaborate in real time

  • See who from your team is online right now - so you know exactly who to assign those unread messages to.
  • Keep track of the latest activities, e.g. an application that has just gone live, or someone has just published a new post.


Key Metrics: Listen and Engage

  • Get an immediate overview of performance metrics across the platform for the last 7 days.
  • Track listening mentions, incoming messages, and response rate for Facebook to assess your team's performance.


Listen: key metrics to stay up-to-date with your projects, inbox and response rate

  • See the total number of mentions for all projects in the last 7 days.
  • See the total number of incoming messages for all channels in the last 7 days including bar chart trend.
  • See the response rate for Facebook posts for your team in the past 7 days.


Tasks: Get an overview of your tasks

  • Engage: See and moderate the messages you are assigned to.
  • Publish: Edit or Approve the publications that are awaiting approval.
  • Alerts: Re-connect your disconnected channels.


Activities: View the latest activities within your team in real-time and see who's online

Track the following activities:

  • Replied to message (moderation)
  • Published a post (publishing)
  • Scheduled a post (publishing)
  • Approved a post (publishing)
  • Assigned a post (publishing)
  • Application that is going live (applications)
  • Added a channel (settings)


Publish: See what content is going out and be proactive about creating new content

  • See today’s posts, the posts that went out in the 3 previous days and the posts scheduled for the next 3 days for all channels
  • Click on a post to view or edit it in Publish
  • Click on View all button to go to the Calendar in Publish.
  • Click on the Create Post button to go to Publish and create a post for that day.


Assess the amount of unread messages and prioritize your resources

  • See the total number of unread messages for each channel
  • See a bar chart for each channel showing the trend of incoming messages from the last 7 days
  • Click on a channel to go to Unread messages in Engage filtered on that specific channel
  • Click on View all button to go to all Unread messages in Engage