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Learn how to assess positive, neutral & negative mentions.


With Falcon's Listen product, you can assess the sentiment of your brand, the emotional impact of your campaigns and find positive or negative conversations surrounding your company or its competitors.

Within the Project overview, Topics breakdown, Recent Mentions and Discovery sections of your Listen project, you will now be able to gauge the sentiment of the mentions based on whether they are Positive, Neutral or Negative.




For tips on how to create a Listen project, please see this article.



Q: How is Falcon's Sentiment calculated?
A: We partner with Lexalytics, a leading sentiment analysis company, who use a logarithmic scale to determine the sentiment polarity of an interaction.

A positive mention will contain more favorable words, "I love this product," for example; while a negative mention will contain more objectionable phrases, such as "I hate that product." Neutral mentions could contain a balance of both positive and negative keywords.

Q: What languages are supported?
A: English, Danish, German, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese.

Q: Why aren't all messages analyzed?
A: Where possible, we will provide sentiment analysis on an interaction/mention, however, there may be certain times where the analysis is not possible. For example, if a language is not supported or the text is indecipherable.

Q: Is this the same as Sentiment in Engage?
A: Yes. The same algorithms that are used to determine sentiment in your incoming messages (Engage) apply to your Listen mentions.